Tumble drier and washing machine recalls

Updated April 2020

You may have heard in the news last year about recalls on tumble driers and washing machines. The brands involved are Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda, Proline Ariston, Swan and Whirlpool and covers over 200 different models manufactured since April 2004. The recalls are due to issues with the heating elements on tumble driers and door locks on washing machines which could cause a fire. In fact, the government has said at least 750 fires have been caused in the UK over an eleven year period by the models in the first recall and Whirlpool has admitted up to 800,000 of the affected models were sold in the UK (4.3 million worldwide) . The second recall (February 2020) for the door locks has affected over 500,000 units in the UK. The most recent update from Whirlpool has added another 21 washing machine models covering 55,000 units.

If you have a tumble drier or washing machine made by any of the brands above, the first thing to do is stop using it and turn it off (at the socket or isolator if possible) until you can confirm the model isn’t part of the recall. (Whirlpool has stated that affected machines must be turned off and not used).
Next, look for a model number and serial number (normally on a sticker on the front panel when you open the door or on the rear of the unit). Then look on these websites:
Both sites will ask you a few questions to ascertain if your model is affected. If you do have a model on the recall list, the sites state how Whirlpool will rectify this.

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